Cutek Extreme Review

My Personal Cutek Extreme Review: The Definitive Guide for Outdoor Wood Protection

As a homeowner dedicated to maintaining the aesthetic and durability of my outdoor wooden structures, I came across the highly recommended Cutek Extreme wood preservative. Below is my in-depth personal review of Cutek Extreme, designed to help fellow exterior wood enthusiasts make an informed decision.

Cutek Extreme is a wood protection oil known for preserving and enhancing the natural beauty of outdoor wood projects. Its unique formula is engineered not only to protect wood from the elements but also to minimize warping, cupping, and splitting. So, what makes Cutek Extreme stand out amongst its competitors? Let's dive in.

Why I Chose Cutek Extreme

  • Customizable Colourtones: Choose from a variety of colourtones to accentuate the natural woodgrain.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Refresh the stain without the need to strip or sand the wood.
  • Durability: Developed to withstand extreme weather, including the harsh Canadian winters where I reside.
  • Wood Preservation: Acts as a preservative, extending the lifespan of wood structures.

Product Specifications

Feature Detail
Type Wood Protection Oil
Base Oil-Based
Colours Clear + 10 Colourtones Available
Application Suitable for treated and untreated wood
Drying Time Slow-drying, up to 72+ hours
Coverage 400-600 sqft/gallon
Required Coating Minimum two coats for proper protection
Maintenance Easy refresh without stripping or sanding
Weather Resistance Developed for extreme climates
Additional Benefits Minimizes warping/cupping, enhances wood stability

Preparing the Wood and Applying Cutek Extreme


  1. Ensure wood is clean and dry: A critical step before application.
  2. Avoid previous film-forming coatings: Strip/sand prior to using Cutek on previously treated wood.


  • Mixing the Stain: The clear Cutek Extreme allows for custom colour intensity. I mixed my preferred walnut colour at a 1:1 ratio.
  • Staining Process: Unlike traditional stains, the consistency allowed for an effortless application without worrying about lap marks or quick drying times.
  • Drying Duration: Patience is required as Cutek Extreme takes up to 72 hours to fully cure.

My Experience with Cutek Extreme

First Impressions:

  • Consistency: Thinner than expected, resembling olive oil, yet it brushed on easily and offered great penetration.
  • Colour Satisfaction: Originally chosen Walnut appeared more reddish than expected after the first coat; however, after the second coat, the colour deepened satisfactorily.

Application Insights:

  • Catch the Drips: Working in pairs helped to manage the thin consistency and prevent drips.
  • Hot Weather Performance: Even on hot days, the product did not dry too fast, which was a major plus.

Drying and Final Outcome:

  • No Overlap Marks: True to its claims, the slow drying time eradicated any overlap issues.
  • Enhanced Grip: An unexpected bonus was the extra grip on stair treads, particularly useful in snowy conditions.

Would I Recommend Cutek Extreme?


  • Customizable colour
  • Easy maintenance
  • Long-lasting protection
  • Versatility in application conditions


  • Drying time might be too long for some
  • Initial colour may vary from samples

Overall, I am extremely impressed by Cutek Extreme. The ease of maintenance and the level of protection it has provided over the harsh winter leave me confident in recommending it to others.

In conclusion, my Cutek Extreme review highlights the product's efficacy in protecting and enhancing outdoor wood. Whether for decks, fences, or retaining walls, Cutek Extreme stands as a top choice for homeowners seeking long-lasting results with minimal maintenance.

Where to Buy:

  • Cutek Extreme can be purchased at specialty stores, such as The Deck Store, or via various online vendors.

Remember to always perform a sample test on your wood for the most accurate representation of the final colour. Enjoy your beautiful and well-preserved outdoor wood for years to come with Cutek Extreme.